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Why michael kors bought versace


Apple’s Marketing

Apple are clearing a foggy path into a new, more complete era of branding and communications, presenting a working method on how to become a productive umbrella brand in the millennial/digital era. In this study we take a look at some key elements of their brand comms.

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With communications, we leverage our relationships within our media network to gain meaningful editorial coverage and maximise digital and social media reach. Beyond traditional PR, we also strategize innovative ways to engage brand consumers more profoundly, with collaborations, events, and influencer partnerships.

With creative direction, we create content and strategies that become the powerful stories that resonate with targeted audiences.


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Just Do It 1988

Nike are veteran practitioners of traditional communication techniques such as billboards, magazines and television, to celebrate the anniversary of Just fo it here are a few notable ad campaigns worth looking up on youtube. - The Very First 'Just Do It' Ad (1988), Andre Agassi And The Red Hot Chili Peppers In Rock 'N Roll Tennis (1991), Hello World!


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