About Matarr Gaye, founder @matarr_wolf


Comms director, content creator, writer

Matarr began his career in photography, he continued to work as a photographer for a few years both assisting and leading sets. Matarr founded Viixstudios in 2016, which he has since developed into a full marketing service provider. Since Viixstudios birth Matarr has been responsible for several long term B2B relationships and collaborations between leading brands such as Ivar, GQ, Master and dynamic & Next UK.


Matarr is actively involved in the art and production community in London and contributes to various editorials with diverse roles covering marketing, art direction and writing. He has held the position of Communications director at interior design and architecture firm Ivar London since early 2017 which he serves while directing the growth of Viixstudios.


Communications & Consulting

Agency committed to developing strong & meaningful  experiences between brands & consumers.


Experienced in strategic communications. Viixstudios realizes the ambitions of brands and businesses. 

With communications, we leverage our relationships within our media network to gain meaningful editorial coverage and maximise digital and social media reach. Beyond traditional PR, we also strategize innovative ways to engage brand consumers more profoundly, with collaborations, events, and influencer partnerships.

With creative direction, we create content and strategies that become the powerful stories that resonate with targeted audiences.