Purity and purpose - Brand collaboration

Viixstudios developed and managed the collaboration between Ivar and Mark Livermoore to create the minimalist book - Purity and Purpose. The book is a piece which explores design in various forms from architecture to product. As Ivar begun its 5th year, they were keen to add to their offering of coffee books and beautiful objects for the home. This seemed the perfect pairing. 


Mark Livermoore is a design assistant at Paul Smith headquarters in London where he developed his taste for design. He went on to share his photography and design taste via social media where he grew a following of over 10,000 listeners who appreciate his aesthetic. 

It was made easier to work with Marks as we already had a positive working relationship. representing our client Ivar, we approached him with the idea and managed proceeds to the end.

Mark Livermoore for The Idle man

Mark Livermoore for The Idle man