The limited edition strategy

Not too many people are aware that there are only ten Supreme stores in the world — six in Japan, one in Paris, one in London, one in Los Angeles, and the original in New York. In comparison to Gap which have over 3,000 Gap stores worldwide — and more than 500 Burberrys (not including the boutique stores and online retailers where you can find the brand). Jebbia James (founder of Supreme) has said “that if he knows Supreme can sell 600 pieces, he will make 400.”


The mentality of growing a brand incrementally, producing limited edition pieces, boldly controlling where the products can be obtained - yields the type of brand exclusivity that consumers lust after. Just walk down one of the few streets where Supreme is located on a day they release new pieces. The limited locations mean consumers that want Supreme products have to pack to the same stores fabricating a high demand perception around the Supreme brand, which in-turn feeds more demand. This is the underlying stimulus for Supreme’s growth.