Brand & Business development Ivar

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About Ivar…

Ivar is a luxury interior design and architecture company with the ambitions of becoming a lifestyle brand catering to needs of homes and homeware. Matarr was brought in to help the Ivar team tak the next step towards that ambition.

Ivar have a distinctive design philosophy that they carry into every project whether developing a villa in the Mediterranean to penthouse’s in London, each Ivar home and product has the Ivar personality and design aesthetic.


Marketing strategy

The Ivar brand is created for a consumer that values quality, exclusivity, style and fine living. He or she appreciates the quintessential classic look and timeless design, and aspires to be respected and recognised for his or her style and sophistication. All these psychographic and behavioural characteristics are captured in our strategy for Ivar’s brand and marketing communications across all consumer touch points.

Ivar’s brand communications have been best-in-class in strategic influencer collaborations and business relationships. Our PR efforts successfully focus on publications most consumed by the target consumer such as Financial times, Gentleman's Journal, The Telegraph and GQ magazine. The approach as granted us exclusive access to VIP's allowing us to hedge brand equity as we further our VIP outreach.

This has given Ivar extensive brand awareness, consequently, larger editorials and VIP’s such as Mr.Porter were prompted to contact Ivar establishing new business relationships, collaborations and opportunities.


Ivar x Influencers

The events we host for Ivar targeting influencers are experience based events bringing together like minded influencers, creators or popular personalities to network in an laid back environment.

Our aim is to promote positive brand reception, this gives the influencers meaningful incentive to share the brand initiatives and products throughout their network in an organic fashion.



Matarr and the team managed & curated a number of events on behalf of Ivar aimed at engaging the intended target audience. These events are direct and effective in mobilizing exclusive communities such as those in the luxury market.

Ivar x Coutts.

Coutts bank is globally recognised as a leading financial service for top earners. With that in mind we set out to create an consumer engaging event in collaboration with Ten Group inviting Coutts bank high net worth clientele to an exclusive opening at Ivar’s Flagship apartment in Soho where they were given the opportunity to experience Ivar interiors, brand and products. Exclusivity and tailored service was the theme of the event which lends itself to the desires of high income brackets and that of a luxury brand.

Ivar x Eporta

Eporta is a community of respected suppliers who are working directly with influential trade buyers and building relationships between design studios. The event engaged industry specialist who otherwise would not have experienced the Ivar product previously.


Business relations

Viixstudios continue to build and maintain a number of business relationships the directly contribute to sales or brand awareness.

Relocation service providers - Having relationships with relocation service providers have increased the number of viewings for Ivar products.

Secretary management - Direct conversations with secretaries put Ivar as a first option for many business professionals coming into London as their secretaries book appointments us on behalf of them.


Including the above, Viixstudios provide a number of Content curation solutions on behalf of Ivar, this includes web design, social media management, photography & videography. Our team of talent manage the various needs of businesses in the premium/luxury sector.