Viral marketing

There are three handbags which are considered the holy trinity of handbags, the Birkin, the Kelly and the Constance.

Hermes, founded in 1837 achieved huge success for many years as a harness workshop for horses. Then came the automobile in 1886, Hermes rightfully viewed this as the evolution of modern personal travel, re-shaping the world as we knew. Hermes began to produce new products as an effort to maintain relevance and dynamism in this new world. The Sakadeipesh bag was created to fit snug in the door of a car, this enabled the modern lady to travel efficiently and more importantly, of course, travel fashionably

I'd like to point out Hermes' ability to adjust product lines to changing demands underpins the importance of innovation, R&D and customer research necessary to develop a leading brand in an ever-changing world. As a result, Hermes reaped significant reward when In 1954 on the set of an Alfred Hitchcock movie “to catch a thief” Grace Kelly was given the Sakadeipesh bag by costume designer Edith Head. Grace Kelly fell in love with the Sakadeipesh bag and took it home with her. Two years later Grace Kelly used this exact bag to hide her baby bump from the paparazzi, this image made it to the cover of Life magazine and was seen by women all over America. Thousands of people went to Hermes looking for what they called the “Kelly bag” and thus Hermes renamed the bag in her honour. This gave birth to one of the first instances of viral/ influencer marketing.