Science of people


If you, like myself are an avid commuter of the London underground Victoria line, there’s a high possibility that you’ve seen me at my most stressed out level, rushing from platform to platform in my no-longer-white Stan Smiths, macbook in hand accompanied by a rather large coffee. But on a good day (that being days where I have no meetings) It’s more likely that i’m casually strolling through the station platforms avoiding the array of people rushing to-and-fro. I always embrace the opportunity to people watch, studying the expressions on a stranger's face has taught me plenty about photography. Let us call it “The science of people”. A study of the relationship between emotion and expression in it's most honest fashion.

Staying on topic - The London underground truly moves like a piece of  art. Waves of people synchronised in direction and purpose, moving in perfect harmony dancing toward their daily hustle which keep the cogs ticking in this delicate system of ours. Faces pass by fixed on their destination like frozen portraits on old canvases. London being the artist that she is, never failing to inspire puts on a diverse show with fashion inspired from every culture, age and profession.




One particular morning I crossed paths with Louise, her bright Olive skin and clear eyes were a reflection of happiness in an otherwise gloomy pathway. She walked with such thrust. I cautiously approached and asked has she ever modelled in which she gleefully responded - No, why?

There I present my idea.

I want to create something magical, which explores the “stillness” in everyday life.