(Un)Forgotten Talents

Photography by Matarr Gaye

During my time out of photography I focused on consulting in both marketing and branding for client commissions, however, I still kept a keen eye on the visual development industry. The explosion of Instagram photographers began creating popular trends in-which more and more photographers jumped on. Whether it was street style inspired photography, vintage or film photography (of course accompanied by the hashtag “FilmsNotDead”) or the equally trendy minimalist photography. With so much noise I struggled to see where and how I would stand out amongst the crowd but most importantly, I struggled to see how I could create unique campaigns for my clients and audience. As the trends bloated the market became increasingly saturated, photographers began to become disposable and brands were unwilling to pay huge sums or even reasonable sums to hire a photographer, unsurprisingly consumers became desensitized by the artisan behind the process of visual development and became hungry for fast, easily digestible content.


In seeing this, I understood the need to approach visual development differently. Recently I’ve become more intrigued with the storytelling aspect, the combination of visual and typography to further the story telling and increase content value. I decided to test this with a short editorial featuring a new friend of mine Sarah. Hope you enjoyed the editorial!

theres no-min.jpg